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The Cork Butter Exchange & Museum

The Cork Butter Exchange and Museum has a special place in the hearts of the people of Cork and has long been one of the cities most visited attractions. Situated just a few minutes walk from the Maldron Hotel, this attraction is well worth visiting if you are staying with us for any length of time. We recommend going early in the day when the crowds aren’t too large, this will give you plenty time and space to explore all of the exhibits on offer.



About Cork Butter Museum

The history of Irish butter making is an integral part of Irish culture and this wonderful attraction will walk you through the background of our most important food export. An interactive museum with a wealth of historical information, you can be sure you will enjoy every minute of your time here.

For those of you familiar with the internationally renowned ‘Kerrygold’ brand, this will give you an unique insight into it’s history and growth into one of Ireland’s most recognised exports.

Take a walk through the history of Irish butter; it’s preservation methods, production practices and the way it helped to shape Irish industry throughout the ages. A truly wonderful experience for all the family.

Check out the ground floor gallery to explore butter making throughout the ages, here you will see some of the machines and production tools which so successfully drove this product. Our favourite part of the Butter Museum is the Butter Exchange section, which delves into the history of trade in the 1700’s between Cork and the rest of Europe and the USA.

Butter Making Demonstrations

The Butter Museum hosts butter making demonstrations twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12pm and we highly recommend that you try to attend one if you’re lucky enough to be in the area.


Admission prices are very reasonable:

Children: €1.50

Adults: €4.00

Seniors & Students: €3.00


Cork’s butter museum has been lauded by travel pundits and critics across Europe and further afield as a significant cultural exhibit and has recently been reviewed by the NY Times, The Globe and The Mail.

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